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computer technology

Master in Technology (M Tech)

M.Tech for Working Professionals is a postgraduate program of 2-years for engineering graduates.
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Online/Distance MBA is a 2-year postgraduate program which is called a Masters of Business Administrative degree.
Masters in Computer Application (MCA)

Masters in Computer Application (MCA)

Online/Distance MCA is the Masters in Computer application degree which is the post-graduation degree of 2-years.
A Master of Science (MSc)

Master of Science (M Sc)

Online and Distance M.Sc is a 2-years post-graduation degree for a master in science that can be obtained after the degree of the bachelorette in science.
Master of Commerce (M Com)

Master of Commerce (M Com)

Online/Distance M.Com is a postgraduate degree in 2-years which is Masters of Commerce that is a higher study after the bachelor’s degree of commerce.
Master of Arts (MA)

Master of Arts (MA)

MA online and distance learning course is a postgraduate degree of 2-years that is the Masters of Arts which can be done after the Bachelor of Arts.

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education of IT and technology

B Tech

B.Tech for Working Professionals is a bachelor degree with a duration of either 3 years or 3.5 years.
Search Engine Optimization


Online and Distance BBA is a 3-years bachelor’s degree that consists of 6 semesters.
Computer technology


Online and Distance BCA is a bachelor’s degree of 3-years that consists of 6 semesters.
Bachelor of Science

B Sc

B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) is the most popular course for science students after Class 12.
Bachelor of Commerce

B Com

B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) online and distance education is a bachelor’s degree of 3-years.
Bachelor of Arts


Online and Distance education BA (Bachelor of Arts) is a bachelor’s degree of 3-years

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